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Helping Sales Teams Get More Wins

Common Challenges Addressed

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Deals Stalling or
Ending in No Decision

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Not Getting
Executive Sponsorship

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Selling Product vs.
Business Gain

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Price vs. Value

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Bad Forecasts


What is B2B Deal CADENCE?

Good question! I developed B2B Deal CADENCE for sales leaders to quickly diagnosis the health of their enterprise opportunity pipeline and coach their sellers strategically forward to either confidently disqualify or effectively move deals forward.

CADENCE quickly gives leaders and their sellers a clear gap analysis on an opportunity. It provides the sales leader with a framework of accountability to up-level sellers in preparation, and in their strategic coaching to sellers, when it counts.


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Having command of your pipeline and the opportunities in them

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Higher rep productivity, win rate, deal size and shortened sale cycles

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Confidence in the forecasts with an understanding of the deal drivers in them

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Real time vs. classroom strategic opportunity  coaching and accountability


Deal CADENCE Opportunity Coaching 2-Pager

Reduce slips, stalls, and no decisions. Download here:


    The Result

    Sales leaders will learn to quickly cut through the noise:

    • Identify where and why sales cycles are veering off-course
    • How to coach sellers back on track
    • Move your key opportunities forward or disqualify them with confidence!

    Mindset: Access to key stakeholders, selling value and negotiating good terms all begin with a seller’s mindset. Some have the right mind set, some don’t. A reset in perspective can quickly change bad outcomes to good for well coached sellers.

    Strategy: Understanding when a seller has the most power in a sales cycle is the beginning of up-leveling opportunities. It means knowing where you are in an opportunity & therefore what is the most critical next step.


    Tactics: A sale cycle is not a sales cycle without an agreed next step between the buyer and the seller. How do we get agreement with the prospect not only for their decision process, but also for what we need for the win.


    Outcomes: When a seller can get perspective (AKA coaching) and understands what the next most important next step is to achieve a successful outcome, they are in control of the opportunity.



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